Kayla's breasts have been feeling really sensitive, and she wants a thorough exam to make sure there's nothing wrong with them. The naughty nurse is going to give her a sexy pre-exam before she calls the doctor in. He's going to keep probing her until he finds out what's wrong.

Total time: 36:03
Big wmv: 530.4 MB
Small wmv: 87.9 MB
Professional Opinion
Natasha has a problem, and she's hoping a professional can help her. Everywhere she goes, men stare at her boobs... and she's worried about the attention. A professional opinion? Those titties are perfect for fucking!

Total time: 36:58
Big wmv: 544.09 MB
Small wmv: 90.19 MB
Katie has a metalic taste in her mouth, and she's desperate for a doctor who can help her. This problem can be serious, but luckily they're going to treat her just in time. The only cure for Naughtywhoreitis is a constant cum drip.

Total time: 33:38
Big wmv: 495.07 MB
Small wmv: 82.06 MB
Prognosis Negative, Slutty Positive
Laura's health might be in grave danger. She needs to go in for extra boob exams, and her doctor even called in a specialist to assist in the diagnosis. The prognosis is negative for frigidity with an extreme case of slutitis. This calls for an immediate anal injection!

Total time: 36:16
Big wmv: 533.91 MB
Small wmv: 88.53 MB
Ticklish Titties
Cecilia has a severe case of ticklish titties, and she needs immediate medical attention! The only way to cure her ailment, is constant groping until they become completely desensitized. If that doesn't work, they might have to go internal on her!

Total time: 36:36
Big wmv: 538.68 MB
Small wmv: 89.28 MB
Cum Deficiency
Sandra Kay is experiencing pain somewhere inside her hot body. She's going to need a full body exam, leaving no hole left un-penetrated, if she wants to get to the bottom of things. The problem? Sandra suffers from a serious cum deficiency and needs regular doses for the rest of her slutty life!

Total time: 22:45
Big wmv: 334.89 MB
Small wmv: 55.52 MB